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Avoid Downstream Expenses

ExpressPoint saves you hidden costs associated with poor quality downstream. We apply quality standards, processes and measurements in everything we do to deliver best-in-class value and service.

ExpressPoint uses Lean Six Sigma processes to drive continuous process improvement. All ExpressPoint facilities are ISO 9001.2015 certified and operate under standardized, documented policies, processes and work instructions. ExpressPoint’s Dead-on-Arrival (DOA)/Out-of-Box Failure (OBF) rate consistently outperforms the industry average.

Lean Manufacturing & Lean Six Sigma

ExpressPoint delivers value to each and every customer by using continual process improvement. Our quality improvement strategy is founded on the Lean Manufacturing philosophy to eliminate waste and the Six Sigma DMAIC process to address performance concerns and to improve the output of processes. Since the launch of our Lean Six Sigma initiative in 2006, more than 60% of ExpressPoint employees have completed Lean training; among those, six have earned Six Sigma black belt certifications and four more have earned green belts.

Emphasis on Quality Control

ExpressPoint minimizes return rates and lowers customer costs through an exacting emphasis on quality control. Our quality assurance teams continually monitor returned products and assess customer feedback to create process improvement opportunities. We leverage the data internally and help customers determine opportunities in their own sourcing/manufacturing processes.

ExpressPoint uses multiple methods for tracking DOA/OBF product, making it easy for technicians and customers to report issues. Should we receive any feedback on a unit, we immediately treat it as DOA and the returned item is routed to the Quality area for detailed analysis and reporting by a Failure Analysis Engineer with communication back to the customer.  

ExpressPoint conducts end-of-line quality audits according to the ANSI standard with a .25 AQL. End-of-line audit results are measured to the department and technician level and reported daily. We also measure OBF rates and provide monthly reporting to customers. ELF (Early Life Failure) and average days lasted are also measured. Quality reporting includes failure cause, repair conducted, parts added, time to repair and identification of repair technician. 

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