Grow your revenue with comprehensive capabilities.

Repair and supply chain services that support a wider variety of products with the highest level of service.

Increase your bottom line with ExpressPoint's comprehensive equipment repair and supply chain capabilities.
  • Planning & Forecasting

    ExpressPoint analyzes trends, shipment averages, availability and seasonality to ensure optimal stocking and delivery, and to maximize product availability.
  • Supply Chain Management

    From startup to ongoing planning, forecasting and inventory management, and day-to-day logistical execution, ExpressPoint delivers.
  • Parts Sourcing, Procurement & Stocking

    With thorough monitoring and analysis of predictive failure data, repair history and market availability. ExpressPoint optimizes inventory to ensure high availability at lowest total cost.
  • Product Repair

    With nearly a half million parts repaired each year, Lean Six Sigma and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, ExpressPoint's dedicated repair and engineering teams deliver quality repair at the lowest total cost.
  • Advance Exchange

    Ensure you have quality parts available when and where you need them.
  • Reverse Logistics

    Managing multi-vendor product returns from diverse sources is challenging and costly. ExpressPoint is your single solution for effective product returns management.
  • Engineering Services

    ExpressPoint engineers provide efficient repair processes, extend product life, identify part equivalents, and increase product quality resulting in lower total cost.
  • Reporting

    Delivered How You Want It.
  • Custom Solutions

    Not all technology products are alike: neither are service and support programs. ExpressPoint works closely with you to build a flexible, scalable program tailored to your needs.