Advance Exchange

Reduce Costs and System Downtime

Ensure you have quality parts available when and where you need them.

Many businesses cannot operate when their computer and POS systems are down. They need immediate service to get their systems back on-line. Quality repair parts must be available when required for these customers. Often, customers cannot wait for repaired units and are not concerned with receiving the same unit back. For these customers, Advance Exchange is the ideal solution.

In Advance Exchange, ExpressPoint provides a replacement unit to the customer before one is required. The customer returns the defective unit and it is repaired and placed in finished goods inventory for future use.

Advance Exchange Expertise

Over 2 decades ago, ExpressPoint pioneered high volume, large scale Advance Exchange programs. With expertise in sourcing, forecasting, supply chain management, repair, and engineering, ExpressPoint supports millions of technology products through Advance Exchange programs. Multi-billion dollar global service and support companies seek ExpressPoint to deliver exacting quality and the best service at the lowest total cost.

Every advance exchange program is custom designed to meet your specific service and support needs. Contact us to discuss if advance exchange would benefit your company.  

ExpressPoint Delivers

  • Comprehensive Advance Exchange programs. 
  • Sophisticated forecasting to anticipate your repair parts needs.
  • Continuous inventory monitoring to maintain optimal stocking levels.
  • 24x7 real-time individual asset status and tracking in warehouse, on the production floor, and in transit.
  • Full suite of logistics and fulfillment services. 
  • Reverse engineering practices that increase asset utilization.
  • Reduced cost due to efficiencies gained in planned repair.
  • Real-time reporting on quality, fulfillment and inventory.