Engineering Services

Innovative Solutions that Produce Results

ExpressPoint engineers provide efficient repair processes, extend product life, identify part equivalents, and increase product quality resulting in lower total cost.

Our electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineers deliver innovation to every ExpressPoint customer. Experienced engineering teams lead the development and continuous improvement of material, workflow and repair processes. Further, they develop custom test fixtures and equipment. They reduce total cost through improved product quality, efficient process design, reverse engineering, failure analysis, product-life extensions and identification of part equivalents. They also ensure reliable shipment of products through packaging analysis and design.

ExpressPoint engineers support a wide range of technology from more than 40 different product sets from hundreds of manufacturers. They have developed over 5,000 functional tests and currently support over 56,000 unique parts.

Support for New Products

Our new product introduction process ensures the successful introduction of new products and services. A dedicated team supports each new product or service introduced. ISO-controlled documentation describes the introduction process, tasks, milestones and success criteria.

Support Product End-of-Life

Our engineers support products long after OEM support ends. We research, source and validate functional equivalents. When no functional equivalent is available, our engineers design and our machine shop manufactures end-of-life components to extend the life of the product.

ExpressPoint Delivers

  • Engineering services, including reverse engineering, failure analysis, bill-of-material creation, custom test equipment design and fabrication, diagnostic test development, functional equivalents, work and material flow, packaging design, product stress testing, environmental simulation, and controlled work instructions.
  • Lean Six Sigma methodology to eliminate waste and reduce cycle time resulting in lowest total cost.
  • End-of-life product support to extend useful service life of products.
  • Source functional equivalents for components or products when scarce, costly or unreliable.
  • Reliable product quality through robust testing.
  • Engineering data, including process and product test results, predictive failure analysis, root cause analysis, specification conformance, RoHS, ESD and HIPAA compliance, and quality data including OBF/ELF/MTBF.
  • BGA repair capabilities.