Lower Costs

ExpressPoint delivers quality, enabling you to lower your total costs.

At ExpressPoint, we don’t sacrifice quality to lower costs. Rather, we deliver high quality products and services that enable our customers to reduce their inventory, eliminate costly service calls, avoid emergency shipments, and eliminate rework -- resulting in lower total cost and increased customer satisfaction.  We understand the value of quality and strive to deliver the industry's highest levels.

ExpressPoint Delivers

  • Expert, custom supply chain solutions from dedicated program managers who provide you with best-in-class industry practices to reduce your costs.
  • Lower inventory and freight costs through consistent delivery on service level agreements (SLAs), eliminating the need for safety stock or expedited deliveries.
  • Increased part availability through advanced forecasting and planning.
  • Improved part quality from experienced engineers focused on continuous improvement of repair processes, component quality and the latest in testing and diagnostic equipment.
  • Fewer service calls required for high quality service parts with low failure rates.
  • ISO certified facilities that produce consistent results eliminating the costs of variability.
  • Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement practices that drive cost out and quality up.
  • Useful quality data including no-fault-found analysis, preventative component replacement, root cause failure analysis, common failure Pareto, Mean-Time-Between Failure, and repair yields.
  • Improved part reliability through elimination of common failure causes.

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