Improve Your Delivery Performance (SLAs)

You can trust ExpressPoint to deliver on our commitments so you can focus on delivering to your customers.

We understand the financial impact suppliers can have on your business. When your suppliers perform, you achieve your commitments - when they don’t, neither can you. Changing suppliers is very costly and disruptive to your business. ExpressPoint consistently delivers on all service level agreements - including fulfillment, quality, reporting, price, issue resolution and responsiveness - so you can focus on delivering to your customers.

ExpressPoint Delivers

  • Parts available when you need them through advanced forecasting and planning.
  • Parts where you need them through centralized and forward stocking locations.
  • Increased part availability through our broad sourcing network so you have the inventory you need.
  • Global parts delivery to support all your customers around the world.
  • Part equivalents and substitutes that increase part availability and lower costs.
  • High Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) parts that reduce repeat and unnecessary service calls.
  • Reduced out of box failure (OBF) rates eliminate repeat service calls, reduce just-in-case inventory and avoid expensive non-performance penalties. 
  • On-site engineering services to resolve customer environmental issues.
  • Single point of escalation when issues arise.

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